I’ve made my choice

If you read my last post, you will know what I am going to be talking about in this post. If not, well either go back and check it out or be clueless.

I will not be choosing to have Baby L manully turned. I do not want to force something when there is still plently of time. I am going to wait and see if Baby L turns by himherself. I will be 35 weeks tomorrow…so plently of time for things to change. I am not that keen on delivering breech either but at this time I am looking into other ways to try and have the baby turn by itself. As I get closer to my due date & if Baby L still hasn’t turned, then I will look into other options. But as of right now Baby L is still snuggled in butt down & will remain that way until Baby Ls time to turn.

Also, I have my 35 weeks appointment on Wednesday, so I will not be doing a blog update until after that. I will be 35 weeks as of tomorrow though! So exciting that we are so close to meeting Baby L and knowing if God is giving us a girl or a boy!

So unless something exciting happens between now and Wednesday, I will talk to you all on Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “I’ve made my choice

  1. Good for you! Don’t let them scare you into anything unnecessary! You are right when you say there’s plenty of time. (If you want to try something, though, knee chest position makes some of them flip.)

    • Thank you! I just don’t know why this is something that I should have be worrying about right now. I was given a week to make my choice and I pretty much had my mind made up before I left the office. Mister is behind my choices which makes it easier on me. And who is say that Baby L won’t come late!? 5 more weeks is an estimate not a must. This is my baby and my body and I won’t do anything to put either one of us in danger just to make someone else feel better.

I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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