Exciting news!

Since 2010 I know that I have been wanting to move to Texas to be closer to my mom. Her and my step dad own a few businesses that they are starting up & remodeling & all that good stuff. (They have been working years on this & cannot wait to see it finished!)
Anywho, Mister (what I call my husband) wasn’t very keen on the idea at all when I first brought it up to him. I did explain to him why I wanted to move and how I thought it would benefit all of us from doing so. He thought about it for quite some time before he agreed with me. He had a few different reasons why he thought it was a good idea, but we eventually got on the same page. In early 2010 we started looking into the area and contacting people from the city we were looking into to get some insight & information. We didn’t have th ability to get on a plane and check out the area ourselves.
We had a plan & move date in mind when we started planning this big move (we were in NC at the time). Well for whatever reason this move was placed on the back burner….I think something called life got in the way.

Then we were faced with a huge decision right before the summer of 2011. It was either stay where we were & be in the same situation we were in OR pack up and move to TX. My husband made the choice right then and there to pack up and move to TX. As excited as I was, I was very nervous….the distance & lack of planning was very intimidating to me. But I trusted Mister and backed him up 200%. I know that he was trying to do what was best for the 6 of us and that he wasn’t going to let anyone\anything get in his way of that.

So we have been in TX since July of 2011. Things are falling into place slowly but surely. Even though from the outside things might not seem like they have changed….they most certainly have! But this is not my exciting news!

Now I cannot go into a lot of detail out of respect to my mom and step dad, but they are going to finally be moving to where we are & where they are working on their businesses! They were supposed to down here a looong time ago but again with that thing called life, things didn’t pan out the way they had planned. But they will be down here sometime this month…mostly likely towards the very end of May! I am super excited!!!! Even Mister is happy and excited about this! We haven’t told the kiddos and probably won’t until it gets closer just so we don’t have to explain that it’s not time yet. And if you have kids….then you know that telling them something too far in advance isn’t the best thing you can do for yourself 😉

Anyway, that’s my exciting news for right now! I couldn’t be happier for them because I know this is something that they have been working so hard for this for such a long time.

Yay for great news!
Do you have any news that you would like to share? If so, we would all love to hear about it!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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