School nurses make husband go grrrrrr!

Our oldest has never had allergies until this spring time here in Texas. I am sure there are multiple reasons why he is reacting now but that isn’t the point to this post.

I would say about a month ago during a routine check up with his dr, he was starting to show signs (runny nose-itchy eyes) and his dr gave him a prescription for allergy medication. So we have been giving him his meds daily since then. Over the last few days his allergies have kicked up big time!!! His eyes were getting puffy and swollen & they would start to burn. We were just continuing to give him his meds and going to talk to his dr anyway to see what else we could do to help out with this symptoms.
He woke up the other morning with really puffy & red eyes. I felt bad that he was feeling and looking that way, but we sent him to school anyway. No more than 20 minutes after sending him to school I get a phone call from the nurse telling me that I had to come up to the school and pick him up because she thought he had pink eye.
Hung up the phone and told Mister about the phone call (we were in the truck taking him to work) and he said call her back for me. So I did & got the nurse on the phone again. Mister was trying to explain that it’s not pink eye (we wouldn’t send our child to school even if we thought it was pink eye) that he was having a reaction to his allergies. Well the nurse got an attitude with Mister and starting saying things like ‘Are you a dr\nurse? No I didn’t think so.’ She was even interrupting him while he was trying to explain what was going on with our son. He got so mad at this woman that he just handed me the phone and I hung up the phone for him.
After dropping Mister off at work I picked up our son from school. His eyes looked better than when we dropped him off….his meds had kicked in by this time. The nurse stated that he would need a note from the dr upon returning to school. That wasn’t going to happen! I wasn’t going to waste anyones time getting a note telling her that he had allergies. The next day Mister had a day off work & wanted to talk to the principle about what happened. The principle was not happy with what Mister told her, wrote down what he told her, & said that would have a talk with the nurse. She stated that the way the nurse acted was very unprofessional and that she should have listened to what Mister had to say instead of arguing with him.

We realize that there are some parents out there that just don’t care and would send their child to school regardless. But if they nurse would pay attention to how we have acted in the past when our children have been sick, she would see that we aren’t those parents. Hopefully the talk the nurse has with the principle will make her think twice before acting that way again with a parent.

I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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