Cancer sucks!

And I am not sure there is anyone out there that would disagree with me! I know that I have had people in my life get cancer and lose their battle with it or beat it….but regardless of the outcome, it still sucks to have to go through it with them and\or hear about them going through it. I don’t think there is anything anyone can say or do to make someone feel about having their loved one go through it. It just sucks and needs to go away!

I have had been informed within the last 24 hours that two of my friends have a parent going through cancer and\or a treatment related to having cancer. I honestly don’t know how long either of them have had it, but that part doesn’t matter. They have it and it sucks!

One of the friends is one that I have known since high school. For a few years we were inseparable. Her parents were like a second set of parents to me. We grow apart our senior year….which sucks now but we were both immature about things and our friendship ended. I am sorry that it ended but I know that’s part of life.
The other friend I haven’t known very long but lived with for a short time before we moved to Texas this past summer. I don’t know if her mom was going through this then or this is something new. But like I said, either way it doesn’t matter and it sucks!

I know that these people will fight their best fight and I pray that they beat cancers butt! No one deserves to have to go through something like this & none of their family members & friends need to go through it. Life isn’t fair and we never know why things happen to the people that it happens to. Have faith in God and know that He didn’t cause these things to happen but He will get you through it!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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