My favorite WAHMs

Let me say something first….
These are work at home moms that I have bought from & have used their product. There are many MANY more WAHMs out there that make wonderful products as well…..these are ones that I personally trust and would definitely buy from again!

Since being introduced to WAHMs (about 1 1\2 years ago) I have always wanted to support them more than the big name businesses. I still have my loves that are big businesses but there is something about having a product made for you by hands….not a machine! And from my experience, when I have had questions about what I bought (usually how to wash the product) I am talking to the person that knows best…not a representative of the person who made it.
Ok, now that I have rambled on…it’s time to spot light my favorites!!!
(*In no particular order I must say*)

Bouncing Woolies:
I have been using my Bouncing Woolies dryer ball for over a year now & love it! I have even bought the rescenting kits to try other scents out….though I am not sure I did those right, haha! Anyway, I love the fact that I don’t have to go out and keep buying dryer sheets & plus everything seems to dry faster and fluffier! I have not had one problem with the material of the ball coming apart or tearing…nothing! I would highly recommend Bouncing Woolies if you are looking for a dryer ball!
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Crazy Leggies:
You can get more than one item at this WAHM’s shop! I have a pair of baby shoes & a few pairs of baby legs. Coming soon to my mailbox are going to be two friendship bracelets as well! I happen to know this WAHM on a personal level and know all the hard work that she puts in. She absolutely loves what she does & makes a great, very well made product. I have to be honest and say that I was nervous washing the shoes for the first time….thinking that maybe stitching would come apart or something along those lines. Nothing happened to the shoes! They came out just like they went in….perfect! I cannot wait to put these WAHM product on Baby L once he\she gets here! If you are looking for baby shoes, baby legs, and other homemade baby products then I would highly suggest Crazy Leggies!
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Daffe Designs:
Now I have had a wet bag from Daffe Designs for right around 2 years now. I have stuffed that thing full & am still amazed at the amount of diapers + clothes that this little bag will hold! Click here to read my review of the wet bag when I first received it. I love this bag and will use it until it’s falling apart! I received another product from Daffe Designs not too long ago also. It’s a plain oneie with a “Hello my name is” label on it…..this is how we will be introducing Baby L to everyone! I love love love this oneie! Again with being nervous to wash it and afraid the label would fall off….nothing happened! Love the oneie and, once again, cannot wait to put it on Baby L! There is so much that I want to buy from Daffe Design….I would need to win the lotto in order to get everything that I wanted!
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Isaac & Rebekah:
I came across this WAHM through a giveaway on Youtube & fall in love with her earrings! I started to buy some and wanted more! She is currently on maternity leave until the middle of summer and so some of the items that I wanted would have to until she returned….needs to hurry up by the way 😉 Her earrings are so simple and clean yet they can be worn with just about any outfit for any occasion. I don’t get dressed up hardly ever but I love the feeling that I get when I put her earrings on! I also need to state that these are the first pair of earrings that I have been able to put on that didn’t make my ear lobes itch like crazy! I have 4 pairs of her earrings and cannot wait to get more! Definitely check her out!
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Lara’s Homesewn Goods:
I actually went to high school with this WAHM! When I found out that I was expecting this time around I wanted a nursing cover…I didn’t want to use a blanket because I just didn’t like the way they laid on the baby’s face while they were nursing. So I was looking around her shop & saw that she made nursing covers & fall in love with the pattern that I ended up buying! Now with the nursing cover going through the wash, I wasn’t nervous about stitching….I was nervous that the ring that brings the cover away from the baby’s face would end up bent in some way. I am happy to report that nothing happened to the ring! It is still the same shape & in the same spot that it was in before going through the wash. I love it and cannot wait to put it to use!
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Lucky Girl Design Studio:
This WAHM isn’t a mom to humans bu she doesn’t have the cutest furry children! Her products aren’t something that you can put your hands on! She does web designs! She made my blog banner at the top of the page! I was trying to do it myself and it just wasn’t working for me….I am not talented in this area. And I am happy to announce that she will be adding Baby L once he\she gets here! I would love to have her redesign my whole blog…..but I need to brainstorm more on what I want it to look like and all those lovely details first! If you are wanting to redesign your blog or just get a banner, definitely check out LGDS!
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Miss Lily’s Washing Powder:
I absolutely love this washing powder for my diapers! You can also use it for your normal laundry as well, but I use this just for diapers. I have been using this washing powder for well over a year and would highly recommend it to anyone who cloth diapers! I haven’t been using it for about 4 months now only because my youngest is now potty trained & am now waiting for Baby L to get here to use it! I love the smell of the powder….so many yummy scents to choose from! I cannot wait until I run out of the bag that I have so I can purchase a new scent! Even if you love the washing powder you have for your diapers…..just buy one bag & tell me you don’t love it!!!
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(I cannot find my bag of washing powder anywhere!!! But when I do I will include it in another post about WAHMs)

Those are it for now! There are some WAHM products I am waiting to either receive in the mail and\or haven’t ordered from them yet. I want to ony write about the ones that I have used so I can give my honest opinion about their handy work 🙂 So if you are reading this, are a WAHM, and know that I have something coming from you….don’t worry! I will make another post and include you on that one! I want to give fair and honest opinions about things & I just don’t think it would be either of those for me to say something about a product that I haven’t received yet.

I hope that all you readers out there will check out all these WAHMs and share some of your favorites as well!!!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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