A New Diagnosis

A little background before I get to talking about what these diagnosis are.

Our 2 oldest children are boys. Our oldest is 8 and then our second oldest is 6. behavior wise I thought our oldest was right on track but our second oldest was a little more out of control than our first. I just thought it was different personalities. Then as our 6 year old got older his behavior started to seem more extreme. I tried everything under the sun to discipline him, asked friends for suggestions, and even did exactly what my husband did in the exact way that he did it. Nothing was working. I was at the end of my rope with his behavior. Now I am not talking terrible twos….I am talking terrible twos times 100 on some days. He had this behavior since he was a toddler…mostly I think this is why I didn’t do anything about it in the beginning because I didn’t know\think there was anything more going on than a typical boy.
For the last several years his behavior has gotten worse. I am talking full blown tantrums, banging his head on the wall, screaming\yelling at me, throwing things, hitting himself in the face…..at this point I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want him hurt himself or anyone else first and foremost. All the stuff that he was throwing and\or breaking could be replaced. Now don’t get me wrong, I was upset that he was doing that….but safety was my first priority. I would cry to my husband about what was going on, how I was being treated be him, and that absolutely nothing that I was doing was working.
Fast forward to just a few months ago. I was making sure that all our children had well checks and up-to-date on everything with their new pediatrician. I was speaking to their dr about maybe the boys having ADHD\ADD. She recommended a school here where we live that tests for these sort of things. I didn’t need a referral and I could just call and make an appointment with them. As soon as I got home that day…that’s exactly what I did!
Both of their appointments came around and did great during their testing….now just to wait for the meeting to tell us what the drs findings were.
Went to our 6 year olds meeting first. I was nervous because I wasn’t sure what he was going to say and maybe the end result was that I just wasn’t being the kind of parent that I needed to be.

The dr told me what his testings found…my son had Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Mmmm, what?! I asked him what that was because I had never heard of it before. He told me a little bit but when I got home that afternoon….that’s when I start researching what ODD was. I was looking at the ‘symptoms’ of ODD and I could mark a check next to each and every single thing that was listed. ODD fit my son to a “T”.
Ok, so now that I have some sort of understanding of what my son is going through….how do I deal with this? I have found very little sites that have given out information on tips for parents who have a child with ODD. I have found a support group on FB that I interact with every now and then. And though our household is still as crazy as it’s ever been….we are trying to change our old habits when dealing with our son when he is upset. It doesn’t always work and we still yell at times, but it’s nice knowing that we can help him and we aren’t alone.

Just recently we received a copy of the drs findings and have since learned that not only does our 6 year old have ODD but he also has ADHD & Expressive Language Disorder. I agree with the ADHD but I am not so sure on the ELD…more research needs to be done on my part for that one. We have also found out that our oldest son also has ADHD. I have made an appointment with a different dr in the practice that deals with ADHD to talk about options and medication. I will definitely update when I have something to update with.

Is anyone else going through this? Do you have a child with ODD, ELD, and\or ADHD? I would love to talk with you and see if there are any tips you have to offer that we haven’t thought of or tried.

Thanks 🙂

Here are some websites that explain ODD & ELD. Please feel free to check them out!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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