Long time no talk!

So it’s been awhile….actually it’s been about 10 weeks since I posted anything! Wow, that’s a long time! Sorry for being MIA…these last few months have been crazy busy and my calendar is finally starting to not be filled up! We have at least something everyday of the week, but it’s nowhere near as much as these last few months have been!

Anyway, as I am typing this, I am currently 33 weeks and 2 days! At my last appt Baby L was still beech. My dr isn’t concerned about that and said he was fine with delivering the baby that way if it came down to it. Though I would rather not deliver that way, I am confindent in my dr!

A few weeks ago I started having regular, consistant, painful contractions. I called my dr and headed to L&D (at this point the contractions had been going on for about 3 hours). So I get all strapped up on the machines and everything stops! Isn’t that how it always happens!? And then they started up again and then would stop. They had no answer as to why my body was doing this other than Baby L was very active that day and could have been irritating my uterus. Haven’t had anything since and would like it to stay that way until it’s time for Baby L to arrive….whenever that maybe!

Other than that, nothing exciting has been going on. Felt lots of pressure last night while at the grocery store but I am hoping all that was because Baby L was turning head down. But we will see if heshe did next week at my appt. I believe that I am going evvery 2 weeks now!

So I will update next week after that appt! I am hoping to start this up again as I enjoyed writting all about this pregnancy. I know that most of you that read this are friends with me on FB but some of you are not, so I am thinking about uploading just a picture post to show some baby buys, ultrasound pictures, and belly pictures…..what do you think?

Until next week 🙂


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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