[ Day 3 ]

Shhhhh, this is a day late but just overlook that fact 🙂

Dear Welker Kiddos,

Yesterday was a rough day with you guys. I think that we were all just cranky and you all haven’t been able to play outside since Sunday because of the weather. Hopefully that will soon change so you all can get some fresh air and burn off all that energy you all have stored up!

We finally got your bed put together Bailea! Got a box spring and set up your bed. And during the process, decided that you (ok really me) wanted to change where your bed was sitting. I honestly didn’t like your bed right up against the window. It actually looks like you have more room to play. Or at least spread your messes around in a bigger area 😉 All that matter is that you like it & you really do! Yay for that!

Mark and Dom you both came home from school and got to your homework because of the activity that we were going to last night. Dom, you got invited to a girls birthday party and acted so silly when you saw who was on the invitation….Justin Bieber! You didn’t like that too much. As far as I know, you are going to the party…pool party at a hotel here in town.

Mark, you are getting better at your math homework. Hopefully we can get that grade up before the end of the year….one of the subjects you are struggling in. But you are like your mother in that area. You are also getting better at your independent reading that you have to do for school. Good for you!

So church had a night of praise last night where two bands performed. Bailea didn’t want to go, so she went to class and played with friends. But you boys had a blast! Dancing all over the place, pretending to play the drums with the band, and singing along. There was one point in the begining and the lights were out and Coleman yelled “Goodnight everybody!” I am not sure where you got that from…but it was very funny! I think that Baby L enjoyed the music as well because you were kicking & moving around in there!

Speaking of Baby L….I am feeling you more often now, not just at night.

Until tomorrow,
Papa & Mommie 🙂


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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