Isaac and Rebekah

I came across Isaac and Rebekah while watching one of the Youtubers that I love watching. Kelsey was doing a giveaway for Isaac and Rebekah & when I checked her out on Etsy, I knew that I wanted to enter! After I had entered the giveaway, I took more time to check out what Jenn had in her shop. I fell in love with a pair of earrings and immediately made it a ‘favorite’!

Now why is Isaac and Rebekah special compared to all the others on Etsy? Well I will give you my opinion on this & then you can decide for yourself.

As a mother that has had small children, I am glad that someone has finally took us into consideration when making jewelry! Jenn is also a mother so can definitely relate to what us mothers go through! I know that when I would wear earrings that had any sort of length….my child would always grab them! It would just get to the point that I would either leave them in & take the chance of getting them ripped out of my ears OR just take them out and wait until my child was older and could wear them again. I always choose the latter. But with Jenn’s earrings, you don’t have to do either! You can wear her very stylish earrings and not worry about them being ripped out or having to wait until your child is older.
Here is Jenn in her own words:
As a busy stay at home mother I realized I never got to wear much jewelry without it being pulled so I turned to making earring studs.  I am not a person of one taste so I decided to create them in many varieties.  This way I can wear something to brighten my style and my day without it getting tugged. : )

And I must say that not only are her earrings (and other jewelry) are just so simple yet so pretty, but they are in any price range! Here are a few of my favorites from her shop!

Jenn is running a special until the end of January (11 more days)! I am going to copy & paste what she sent me so that I do not mess up her offer andor forget anything that she sent to me.

Jenn’s special for Isaac and Rebekah:
I have two different coupon codes at the moment: TAKE15OFF for 15% off your total purchase (before shipping) OR free shipping with code FREESHIP on any order of $25 or more (before shipping).  Also, any returning customer gets 10% off their entire purchase anytime all year round.  That code will be sent upon purchase of an item from my shop.

I hope that you will take the time to check out her shop, look around, and purchase something from her. I am wanting to purchase the pink earrings (pictured above) very soon! I love supporting WAHMs and spreading the word about their shopsproducts! So stop by and show her some love!

Enjoy 🙂

*All 3 pictures that are featured on my blog were taken from Isaac and Rebekah’s shop on etsy with permission from Jenn (the owner)*


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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