This whole planning ahead thing….

Well it’s not really ahead since we didn’t start planning & getting things together for Baby L until we found out we were having another baby. So it’s more like planning during. But either way, it’s a new thing for me.

I hae stated in another post that I am a planner and write out lists. Planning during a pregnancy is not in either of those categorys….well at least the planning part. We have always waited until the baby shower and after to get what we needed. This time around (5th time is a charm right!? 😉 ) I feel so grown up! It honestly should have happened a long time ago but I cannot change the past. We aren’t relying on anyone to get us anything for this baby. And this isn’t a put down or insult towards anyone, so please don’t take it that way. I think something just clicked along with a few other things that have happened over the past year or so. But anyway, the reasons behind these things are our own and don’t need to be shared.

I would say that we are half way through the list that I made on Toys R Us! I would say that the things that makes me more relaxed is that we have Baby L’s bed! That is such a relief. Everything else that we need will fall into place over the next few months & even after Baby L gets here. Once we had the bed, I felt like everything else was just a small little detail.

I do have to be honest and say that planning during is overwhelming and alittle stressful for me. I have a tendency to think that events are closer than they are when I am excited about them andor planning for them. When I do this I have to actually think about when the event is and then tell myself that I have time and to just chill out! I know I have time. I know I need to slow down. I know all this stuff….now I just have convince my brain about all this stuff 🙂

I am really enjoying getting ready during this pregnancy. It was trickled down into other things in our lives, so in the end, it’s helping with more than just Baby L!

Enjoy 🙂


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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