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Ok, so I have been going back and forth about posting this or not. I have a few people that have asked me about posting this and wanting to know what we neededwanted & have talked to them about my feelings about posting this. Before I actually talk about what this post is about – I want to make something clear.

I am NOT posting this in hopes that people will buy the things that I have posted about. I made these registerieswishlist for me when I found out I was pregnant for my own personal references. (Again, with the planning & lists!) I made it online this time so that I couldn’t loose it, could easily addremove something from the list, and also for visual purposes. The items that are listed from Toys R Us doesn’t mean that I will be buying that specific brand….again, it’s for reference purposes. And if you don’t see an item, it might mean that we have already purchased the item.

For those of you that would like to get Baby L a gift or something along those lines (I am leaving that up to you….doesn’t matter to me either way) again, the brands don’t matter to me & it doesn’t have to brand spankin’ new. I love LOVE hand – me – downs!

Please, please don’t feel like I am posting this as a nudge to have people buy things for Baby L…it’s definitely not! Again, I have had a few people ask me what is on my list and to post it…so here it is. Plus I thought this would be better than just making a list.


I posted on my personal FB page to ask my friends what some newborn must-haves were in their opinon, (yes- after 4 previous children I did ask this question!).

One of my friends mentioned something that I have never heard of & was definitely interested in checking it out. They are called Milkie Savers. You only wear it while your nursing & it goes on the breast that isn’t being nursed on. It collects the milk that naturally comes out while baby is nursing so it doesn’t go to waste. My friend said that she can easily get up to 4 oz each time! That’s awesome! She has offered to give me her Milkie Saver once she is finished, which she said she would probably be done by the time Baby L comes along. So that’s awesome & am very thankful for that!

This is my Toys R Us registery that has basic items on it that I (mostly) need and there are some wants among this list. I may or may not be adding more to this list as time goes on. But like I said above, if you don’t see an item on this list….it most likely means that we have purchased that item.

I might this friend through another friend at her daughters’ birthday party. Her name is Crystal & she owns her own business, Daffe Designs. She makes such cute babychild items! I was going to just add each thing by themself, but then I noticed that she offers a ‘wishlist’ option on her website…so I thought that would be better! This list is all wants….there is nothing on here that is a need. But they are so cute, so I couldn’t pass up making this list!

I came across this productcompany after watching a YoutTube Mommie talk about it. I have used nursing bras before but since I am big in this department, I prefer sports bras. So when I saw this, I thought it would probably work better for me than a normal nursing bra. Plus, I love the name that they needed the company…..Cupcake Cover Tops!

My friend Nicole is going to make me go bankrupt 😉 I have bought the majority of my diapers from her (not new). Well now she is going to start making baby legs & baby booties! What she has made so far is super cute, cheaper than the bigger companies, and plus I would much rather support her family then the bigger companies. She just started her shop on Etsy, but she will be posting more in the coming weeks. So if you are in the market for baby legs, definitely check out Crazy Leggies!

This is something that isn’t needed right away, but wanted to add it to my list because sometimes if I don’t add it to the list (no matter when I will need it), if I don’t see it in front of me….I will forget about it.
I will say that I have tried making my own baby food in a blender & I just didn’t like doing it that way. If I had to do it that way, then I would – but I would really like to try this out and see if it’s easier for me. I have heard some great things about the Baby Bullet and want to try it for myself. I am all about findingusing things that will make my life easier & still get the things that I needwant to get done faster, without issues. When Momma ain’t happy….nobody is happy!

I enjoy wearing necklaces. But as any other mother knows it can be hard when you have a baby that wearing one isn’t always an option…plus you don’t want it to break. So when I was introduced to teething necklaces, I thought it was a great idea! I am not sure which Teething Bling I would like….might have to wait until and pick one after Baby L is born. But I do want to invest in this product plus I have heard really great things about teething rings.

When Coleman was a baby I tried out a baby wrap. My friend had bought pretty much the same material that they are made out of at Walmart & we just spilt the material between the two of us. For whatever reason, I could not get the hang of it & it just didn’t work for me. I don’t know if I just wasn’t getting how to use it correctly or Coleman just wasn’t having any of it…..either way, I barely used it. But I thought this time around I would get one that is made already and see if that works better for me. I came across this Momma on Etsy, liked the pattern she used, and it’s cheaper than buying it at the store (which is always a bonus!). Once Baby L is here & I have used one, I will let you know if that works better for me or not.

So for now that are the things that I want andor need for Baby L. I have already deleted a few things because we have bought them already…which is exciting to me, but that’s another blog post!

Enjoy 🙂


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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