Final answer

As you have read in one of my last posts, that I was still going back & forth about finding out the gender. My husband hasn’t swayed his opinon on the matter at all. I am sort of a planner….I make lists for everything, I pack for a trip at least a week in advance…..I am just that kind of person.

I was throwing out some ideas about this topic to Mark.
#1- We could find out but then not tell anyone. Mark said no because he said that I would want to tell at least a few people. You know, it’s not always so great that your husband knows you so well! ๐Ÿ˜‰
#2- We could not find out but have the drs office email a few friendsfamily and tell them. Again, no…..too many people that are close with us have big mouths! We love you but you know it’s true!
#3- Find out and share it with the world! I will give you 3 chances to figure out what the answer was to that & the first 2 don’t count!

Just incase you haven’t caught on….we are NOT finding out the gender of this baby until heshe is born. I am excited because we have never had a surprise reveal like this. On the other hand…again with the planner thing (read above).

We went to Goodwill yesterday just to look around and see if there was anything that they had that we could use andor needed. I was looking at the clothes (LOVE tiny clothes) and I saw all the girl clothes…I wanted to buy all of them! I also found a really cute bag by Vera Bradley (I don’t know who that is) that I wanted to use as a diaper bag. We are waiting for a Christmas check to clear at our bank and then I will be able to go back and (hopefully) everything will be there & I can scoop it up! Also, once this money goes through, we will be getting a crib for Baby L. I wanted something small & not too big and found a portablefoldable crib at Toysrus….it would work great! I am sure after taxes & shipping it would be close to $150. Not bad but wasn’t thrilled. I was checking out Craigslist to see what people had posted & someone had posted the almost same exact crib for $45! I talked to the lady and she said if it’s still available this weekend then we can take it! I am praying that she still has it once this money clears!

So anyway….back to the point of this post, haha! We are not finding out the gender of Baby L. As much as I want to know –ย I am excited to know what it feels like to find out at birth! I also thought of a really great way to reveal whether Baby L is a boy or a girl! I cannot wait to show you all! I am not sure if I am going to tell you how or make you wait ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe once I get this something, then I will show you….not sure yet.

Will be doing a weekly update tomorrow….so be on the look out for that!

Enoy ๐Ÿ™‚


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