To know or not to know…..

So the time has come in my pregnancy where the ultrasound tech asks that one question….”Do you want to know what you are having?”

The answer to this question (for us) as always been ‘Yes!’.
Mark and I talked about whether or not we would find out this time and we both said ‘No’. We want to wait until the baby is born. Which I was completely fine with…….until.

Until I was at my last ultrasound and my tech said that at my next appointment would be the gender ultrasound. Then I got to thinking….well I want to know so we can plan and know what to buy & be able to tell family & friends incase they wanted to get anything for Baby L.

I have my own reasons for thinking that this baby is a girl and it would be nice to know if I am wrong or right. Plus all of our children are calling the baby by the girl name that we have picked out already. They all want a another sister. Plus, I would like to know which clothes to look at when at the store 😉

It’s something that Mark and I will have to talk about more before me appointment in a few weeks. But until then, if you would like to take a guess at what you think we are having, then please visit the game that I have set up! I am thinking that I will draw a winner for the person that guesses the correct gender. Not sure what the prize would be, but thought it would be fun!

Thanks for reading 🙂

*Picture was taken from The Cupcake Tower*


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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