A Scary Moment

I am just copying & pasting what I wrote in a note on my personal FB page, no reason to re-type everything out.

I posted a status today talking about how my appointment went and some of you are asking what happened. I would have posted about this anyway, but it’s nice to know that friends care & want to know how things are going. So here is how today went. (I am 15 weeks 6 days today)

I didn’t have an ultrasound scheduled for today, so I figured that I would be in and out of the drs office with no issue and be out of there in no time. That all changed soon after the dr came in the room. My vitals were all fine when the nurse checked them. My dr came in and wanted to use the heart doppler to listen to the baby. This is where things got scary. My dr tried for what seemed like forever (more like 15 minutes) to try and find Baby L’s heartbeat. He spent time and effort looking and listening. Mark was not with me at this appointment. I felt very alone and scared at this point. He doubled checked with me how far along I was and if I had bleeding\spotting. I confirmed my weeks and no spotting. After trying longer he determined that he wanted me to have an ultrasound done. After waiting about 10 more minutes a nurse came in and told me to be back at the office in an hour. It was enough time for me to drive to Mark’s work, tell him what was going on, and see if he could come with me. At this point, Mark went inside to talk to his boss. One of Mark’s co-workers started walking in my direction and asked why I was standing outside. I began to tell him and started crying again. He asked what was wrong and as soon as I told him, he hugged me and told me to follow him & that we would find Mark. He didn’t hear me say that Mark already knew and was talking to their boss. This co-worker was very sweet. Him and I haven’t really said much to each other before this because we don’t really know each other. Anyway, so Mark was able to leave work and come with me to my ultrasound. We waited for about 30 minutes and was finally called back. As soon as the tech but the wand on my belly, she found a nice, healthy, strong heartbeat! Come to find out, I am carrying higher than what is normal for being how many weeks I am. So in turn Baby L was higher than where my dr was checking. Thank God!!! I would say that this was the scariest moment of my life. I wouldn’t wish those thoughts & fears on my worst enemy. I pray to God that we never have to go through that again. What a relief to hear Baby L’s heartbeat and know that he\she is growing just fine. I have another appointment next month.


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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