Elf on a shelf

Can someone please explain to me what this is!?

I think this is the 2nd year I have heard about this thing & still have no idea what this guy is all about. I see people posting pictures & videos about him. He apparently gets into things but I don’t know why or the purpose.

Someone please help me!!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Elf on a shelf

  1. He ‘reports’ the child’s behavior to Santa Claus each night, which is meant to encourage Positive behavior in the child(ren). Each morning the kids find him in a new spot and he can be ‘doing’ things. But the main thing is that he will tell Santa if you are being naughty or nice. We just got one this week for the first time ever.

      • Just to be funny. To make the kids believe he is real and that he’s going around doing things at night while they are sleeping. He’s supposed to be in a new place every morning so they believe that he left to go to the north pole and came back. So people started getting creative with their new spots. The kids then race each morning to find the new spot and see who can find him first. It’s just fun!!

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