Potty Training Adventure #4

My youngest (as of right now) is 2 1\2, will be 3 in March, has been coming to us for awhile now telling us that he is poopy or just wants a diaper change. A big sign to me that he might be ready for potty training. My original plan was to start potty training boot camp during my 2 oldest Thanksgiving break but my morning sickness wouldn’t allow me to do much let alone potty train him. But in the last week or so I have been feeling much better & with a second pair of hands around the house, I thought now would be a great time to see if he was really ready. And here is our adventure:

I started Monday the 5th of December. I packed all his cloth diapers away and made sure that there were no disposables around. Put him in underwear & pants…learned that the underwear was too much to start out with, so I just put him in pants. I made him a sticker chart (which he picked out) and told him that everytime he peed he got 1 sticker & when he pooped he got 2 stickers. Wasn’t sure how he would react to this or if he was even going to ‘get it’. But I started asking him through out the day if he needed to go potty. I didn’t put him on a timer (example: every 30 minutes taking him to the bathroom), I wanted him to learn the feeling of needing to go rather than a time to go. We had more stickers the first day then accidents which was way better than I expected! I also didn’t put him in diapers\trainers at night. Again, I wanted him to know the feeling of going and didn’t want to confuse him with wearing diapers at night & not during the day. Last night (the 8th) was the first night he woke up dry. He was also waking up dry from his naps (2-3 hour naps) almost right off the bat.

He has by far been the easiest one out of my 4 children to potty train. My oldest was pretty easy too but not this easy! I have always had at least one child in diapers when a new baby arrived, so this will be a nice change! I am happy to have a break between now and dealing with diapers again. I am so proud of my little man! We are still using the stickers even though I don’t have to ask him (he is recognizing the feelings) and no accidents. I will continue the stickers until he is no longer interested in them.


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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