There have been recipes & crafts that I have been wanting to try\do for awhile now but haven’t had the energy or time or ________ (fill in the blank). But with the extra set of hands that have arrived at our house, I have been able to do a few of these things!

*My MIL wanted to use soap nuts in place of bar soap, so I am not sure how those recipes will turn out…haven’t used them yet, but I will update once I have used them a few times to see how they work\clean. *

The first one that I made was the liquid laundry soap that I got off of the Duggar Family website. This recipe is perfect for our household because of the amount of soap this recipe makes! This is the only recipe of soaps that I made last night mentions that I could add oils for scents if I wanted to…..so I am just waiting for the soap to cool completely to add that.
This is what my laundry soap looks like so far. I think it would look different if we actually used a bar of soap instead of soap nuts.

The next homemade soap that I made was liquid hand soap. Again, we didn’t use the bar of soap that the recipe calls for but used soap nuts. I found this recipe on Pinterest. (Oh how I love Pinterest!) I just clicked on the picture and it took me to the blogger that originally posted this recipe. I haven’t used this soap yet…waiting to use up what we have first. This is what our soap looks like:

And the final homemade soap that I made was the dishwasher soap. This by far was the easiest & quickest! I also found this recipe on Pinterest! This is also the only one that is a powder. This recipe makes a lot of soap & uses very little for each cycle. Which is, again, perfect for us considering how many loads of dishes we can go through! I put it in a smaller container & put the left over in my old diaper bin. (Don’t worry….it was washed out!!!) Here is what our soap looks like:

This is the container that I am using to keep on the counter.

And this is the left over.


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