Goodbye my friend

This is not my choice in saying goodbye to this friend. I noticed awhile back that we weren’t friends on FB anymore. We were close friends even though we had never met & lived in different states. I felt that I had been by her side through anything that she needed me to be there for her. I wasn’t always able to drop what I was doing to answer her messages or talk with her, but when I could clear my head & write from my heart I did. I didn’t always post on her wall because I thought we were at a point in our friendship that I didn’t need to do that sort of thing.

We had a falling out a few months ago but it was over a miscommunication\misunderstanding. It was worked out and we went on our merry way. I did feel differently toward her after this but still wanted that friendship with her. Figured that it would just work it’s way out and things would be normal between us again. Apparently it wasn’t meant to be. I went to write on her wall & say that I was thinking about her and that’s how I found out we weren’t friends anymore. I was saddened by this because I really did value our friendship and love her. I have sent her a message on FB asking what happened & haven’t heard back from her. I am pretty sure she was read it, but I am not going to push it & let her come to me when she is ready.

I do miss her & only know what’s going with her & family through her blog. If there was something going on, I would have liked if she would have come to me about it. That way we could work it out or whatever the case may be. I don’t know why she chose to not be friends with me but it’s something that I have to accept. I honestly think about her on a daily basis & keep her and family in my prayers. I have no idea if she will read this. I am sorry for anything that I did to hurt her. But I want to say something to the people that do read this:

If you have a friend that you are close with & something happens or you are starting to feel a certain way….please talk with them about it instead of just leaving the friendship & having the friend wonder what happened and what they did wrong. Don’t just close doors to the people that love you & then not explain to them what happened. I am sure that you wouldn’t want someone to do that to you – so please don’t do that to other people.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye my friend

  1. This is so sweet and i had a friend that i thought was my friend but i guess i never was as she said that i am to old for her all of a sudden. I am hurt but I will be okay. I just hope and pray that this person that I loved and cared about deeply knows that i do and will always love her and wish her the best. No hard feelings, just next time i will choose my close friends more carefully.

    • Thank you! I think that people come into our lives for certain reasons & we may not always know what those reasons are. I don’t know your whole story but it doesn’t always mean that she wasn’t a friend to begin with. She may have just grown in a different direction or you had fullfilled whatever need that she was needing at that time. People walk in and out of our lives all the time….make the most time you have with them!

  2. There’s a good chance that your friend never got your message on Facebook. Facebook has an “Other” folder in your messages and it doesn’t notify you when a message gets put there instead of in your regular inbox. I found over 75 messages in mine when I checked it ( and there’s a good chance that that’s where your message went too and your friend didn’t see it. I would suggest emailing or calling her just in case. I’d hate to see another friendship end because FB decides what we do and don’t want to see!

    • She got it and responded last night. I replied to her and was completely honest with her. I am praying that we talk more and that this issue will be resolved & we can be close again like we used to be!

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