1 down – 3 to go!

Woohoo! I am finally in the 2nd trimester of this pregnancy! The 1st trimester was rough! I was sick, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep…no fun! All I have to say is that this baby better be glad that I love him\her 😉

As of today I am 14 weeks and 2 days along…..and many weeks left.

I love my drs office! I don’t think that I have ever liked another office as much as I do this one. I have also never gone to the dr as early as I did with this one and haven’t gone as often as I do with this office. I am not sure why I go as often as I do because I am not high risk. It must be the way they do things in order to make sure that baby & mommie are healthy. Which is absolutely fine with me!!! I go back to the dr again on the 19th of this month. I am not getting another ultrasound this time around….the next one I will be getting is at 20 weeks which will be on exactly my birthday 🙂

We are not finding out the gender of this baby until her\she makes their debut! We have never had a pregnancy where the gender was a complete surprise and we would like this to happen this pregnancy. I am excited to wait but on the other hand I am a not so patient person, haha! I am hoping\praying that the techs will not say anything when they find out!

Speaking of gender….I do, however, think it’s a girl. This pregnancy resembles my pregnancy that I had with my daughter. My daughters was rougher (is that a word!?) but it has too many similarities!

I am not sure if we will be revealing what names we have chosen for each gender to the world during the pregnancy or wait until after Baby L is born. A handful of people know and they are family members & have been sworn to secrecy!!!

*Baby L is the name we have given this baby as of right now. We have a boy & girl name picked out already, and whichever gender this baby is, the name will start with an L.*

Would you like me to do weekly updates on Baby L & I or just update after drs appointments? Let me know! I love sharing my pregnancy stories & reading others! Let me know in the comments below 🙂


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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