1 down – 3 to go!

Woohoo! I am finally in the 2nd trimester of this pregnancy! The 1st trimester was rough! I was sick, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep…no fun! All I have to say is that this baby better be glad that I love him\her ūüėČ

As of today I am 14 weeks and 2 days along…..and many weeks left.

I love my drs¬†office! I don’t think that I have ever liked another office as much as I do this one. I have also never gone to the dr as early as I did with this one and haven’t gone as often as I do with this office. I am not sure why I go as often as I do because I am not high risk. It must be¬†the way they do things in order to¬†make sure that baby & mommie are healthy. Which is absolutely fine with me!!! I go back to the dr again on the 19th of this month. I am not getting another ultrasound this time around….the next one I will be getting is at 20 weeks which will be on exactly my birthday ūüôā

We are not finding out the gender of this baby until her\she makes their debut! We have never had a pregnancy where the gender was a complete surprise and we would like this to happen this pregnancy. I am excited to wait but on the other hand I am a not so patient person, haha! I am hoping\praying that the techs will not say anything when they find out!

Speaking of gender….I do, however, think it’s a girl. This pregnancy resembles my pregnancy that I had with my daughter. My daughters was¬†rougher (is that a word!?) but it has too many similarities!

I am not sure if we will be revealing what names we have chosen for each gender to the world during the pregnancy or wait until after Baby L is born. A handful of people know and they are family members & have been sworn to secrecy!!!

*Baby L is the name we have given this baby as of right now. We have a boy & girl name picked out already, and whichever gender this baby is, the name will start with an L.*

Would you like me to do weekly updates on Baby L & I or just update after drs appointments? Let me know! I love sharing my pregnancy stories & reading others! Let me know in the comments below ūüôā


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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