In love!

We had three appointments last night to look at three different homes. We weren’t sure what they would look like or what kind of neighborhood they would be in. But they were all 3 bedrooms and in our price range.

The first house so great! The owner of the house was super nice and explained that there was some brand new equipment (heater…things like that) that were less than 2 years old. Big kitchen. Living room flowed into the kitchen which was nice. Garage that was long and where the washerdryer would be. Fenced in backyard. A place to grill, place to play, and even looked like a place to start a garden! The neighborhood was quiet and so nice looking. He used to live there, so he knew the neighbors. The school district is really good & close to Mark’s job. We got an application & it’s all filled out. Hoping to meet up with him today to give it to him.

The other two homes were owned by the same person. We really liked them but we didn’t know anything about the schools and it was further away from work. And one of the homes ended up not being in our price range. The other home we found out is full of ‘hookers & dopes’. We had to stop a police officer because we got lost & asked him about the neighborhood and those were his exact words. So that house was out no matter what.

We are praying so hard that we get the first home we saw last night. I will update when we hear something about it!


One thought on “In love!

  1. Oh Trel thank goodness you ran into that police officer lol or oh I don’t even want to think of it lol!!!!!! still as always sending my thoughts and prayers your way!!!!

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