More house hunting

Yes, we are still looking!!! Yes, I am getting tired of looking. No, I won’t stop until we find a home.

We went to look at a place yesterday. A nice size 3 bedroom, 1 bath, fenced in yard, and garage. The inside needed some love. You could tell that the landlord didn’t go in and clean after the last tenets left. There were a few holes in the doors. Just little things that needed to be taken care of. We talked with him and asked if there was cleaning that he was going to do. He replied to us, no it’s move in ready & there is nothing more that I am going to do with the place. Ok, that tells me that if something were to break that he wouldn’t have it fixed or take a really long time to have it repaired. We would also have to buy our own fridge & stove…..that is definitely NOT in our budget.

I had Mark get me a newspaper last night so I could see if there was anything in there. I found about 10 ads, circled them, and called them all this morning. I have been able to make 5 appointments to go and see these homes. I got a few voicemails, so I will call them later today. I called one lady about the ad she had for two 3 bedroom homes. I was telling her that I would like to set up an appointment to go out and look at both homes. She asked how many people there were in our family….I told her 6. She immediatly said, oh well these homes aren’t going to be big enough. A 3 bedroom is big enough depending on the square footage…..and that was my next question. Her reply to what the square footage was of both homes was ‘Oh, I have no idea!’. Well how can you tell me that your homes are too small when you don’t even know how big they are?! But that’s ok, if she is going to judge by the number of people we have, that’s fine…I don’t want to give her our money anyway.

Max is finally back in town after 11 days! Let me tell you that this has been the longest 11 days ever!!!! Mark is calling him on his lunch break & telling him that we want the trailer! I pray that it’s still available & that he will allow us to rent from him. I probably won’t hear from Mark until after he gets home from work.

I have set up 3 appointments for tonight! I will update about Max & these appointments either tonight or tomorrow. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we are still looking for a place to call home!

Thanks for reading,

The Welker Clan


2 thoughts on “More house hunting

  1. you are always in our prayers!!!! things will work out you will be in a home soon i just know it!!!! I also think your right on that landlord he probably would’nt be the best guy to rent from and that lady oh my gosh really they left her in charge??? I lived in a twin home with three of the smallest bedrooms we had eight kids in that home and it really is funny we were super happy there and now we have a way bigger home and I’m thankful for it but I’m just not all that happy. Remember whether its a hotel room or a trailer or a twin home as long as you are together that is all that counts!!!

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