2 weeks of sickness

^This is how at least one of the 6 of us felt over the last 2 weeks.^

It started with the kids, as it normally does, and then hit mom and papa! The kids usually had gotten sick some time in the middle of the night but didn’t tell us until morning. I think they had just slept through it all and didn’t know themselves until they woke up. So it was many mornings of baths, changing clothes, and changing bed sheets.

Then I had gotten whatever the kids had. Started at 5am & lasted all day long! I mostly slept that day. My eyes wouldn’t stay open & I was just so tired. Thank goodness that the kids had TV or else…..I don’t know what I would have done. My husband had gotten sick early Saturday morning, was sick all night, and then went to work the next day. Thankful he just had Monday off so he could spend time with us & still heal.

Thank the Lord that everyone is finally better & not sick! I had housekeeping clean the room & change all of the bedding! All clothes are going to be washed soon….just waiting on my husband to get a roll of $10 in quarters.

If this sickness blind sides us again…..I hope & pray that it’s in our home instead of a hotel room! Yay for feeling better!!!


2 thoughts on “2 weeks of sickness

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