School Update

Thanks to Rockin’ Mama for her suggestion in the comments from yesterdays post! I have called the school system here & talked to a very nice lady. She gave me all the information needed! The boys can start school as soon as I can get all their paper work together. I have made a few phone calls and just need to figure out a few things & hopefully I can have all their paper work together by next week. Just like everything else with this move…seems to be a waiting game on everything.

The boys have missed some school but am so glad that I don’t have to wait to have an address inorder to get them into school! That has taken a weight off my shoulders but on the other hand has put some back on. I will be so glad and thankful when we are in a home and the boys in school and we are on our way to getting settled in. I am honestly so tired of living this way!


2 thoughts on “School Update

  1. hey trel so glad i could help!!!! Things are gonna be just fine. Can’t wait for the updates on how the boys are enjoying school!!!! ,jeanette

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