More updates

A few have asked what happened with the guy who owns the trailer. He is currently out of the country and we will have to wait until he gets back to begin going further in seeing if we could rent the trailer. So as for right now….we are just waiting that one out.

We went and saw another house yesterday. I believe the city that it’s in is called City View. Not far at all from the hotel that we are in now. It was very nice inside. 3 bedroom & 1 bath. It didn’t have a master bath but we are ok with that. It had a garage, mud room with the laundry hook-ups in there, a nice fenced in backyard, and the bedrooms were a nice size. The neighborhood was quiet and nice. We are filling out the application for that & praying it goes through.

I wouldn’t mind living in either properties, but I think that we both would prefer the house. I will update on both of these once we know something. But until then we are still keeping our eyes open and still looking. We don’t want to bank on something, have it fall through, and then not have a back-up.

Thanks for reading,
The Welker Clan


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