The house

Mark called the guy tonight to see if it was still ok to stop by the house. The guy said that he totally forgot about it but that we could still stop by and see it. He told Mark where the key was. I was super excited to see it!

We turn down the street that it’s on and it’s all trailers but there aren’t too many. I would say maybe 10. Nice quiet street. The trailer that we are looking at is definitely the longest on the block. The kids could ride their bikes up and down the road without worrying about traffic. Not much of a yard but there is a slab where we could draw with chalk. There are plently of parks around, so there would be a place to take the kids and have them run around.

I walked in & was surprised at how big it was! There is a fire place, an island in the kitchen, tons & tons of storage in every room! They are in the middle of a few upgrades and repairs but you still get a feel for the house. The master has french doors & also in the bathroom. There is a garden tub and a stand up shower. There are 2 other bedrooms. One with french doors (probably would be Baileas) and then another one with a regular door (the boys room). They would have their own bathroom. I looks really nice! We were finishing up looking at it & I told Mark that he needed to call the guy tomorrow and let him know that we want it.

After Mark talks to him, I pray that we will get this place! It will work for us for at a year or even 2. We are wanting to get things in place around here before we think about buying a home…so renting is the way to go for now. The guy will be gone for 11 days starting tomorrow afternoon, so if we do get the place then we would have to wait at least that long to sign anything. Plus I am not sure how long it would take to finish up the upgrades and repairs.

Here are a few pictures I took. I ended up looking at everything after these pictures & was distracted by how wonderful it was. So I am sorry I didn’t get more, but at least it gives you an idea!

This is the kitchen area. The mirror that the flash is reflecting off of, is in the master bathroom.

This is the fire place. It’s the focal point in the living room & it’s beautiful!

This is the laundry area & mud room. There is even room to the right of this picture for a chest freezer if needed!
So this is the update for now. Once we talk with the guy and know more details, I will definitely update about all that! Please keep us in your prayers as we go through this waiting period!
Thanks for reading,
The Welker Clan

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