Excitement over him coming home!

Not too long ago, I made a status on my personal FB page that said I get all excited around the time when my husband should be getting home or, if he have to pick him up, the time that we leave to go get him. At the end of this status I asked if anyone else felt the same way. Pretty much all of the wives that responded said yes! But around 50% of more said they were excited because that meant he would come home and relieve the wife from taking care of the kids and\or would help out with the kids. I was a little surprised that this was the main reason they were excited that their husband was coming home!

Now don’t get me wrong, that is a reason why I am glad that my husband is home…..one of me is not enough some days! But I actually really enjoy being around my husband. I enjoy his company. I feel safer with him being home. If something were to happen, I know that he would be able to handle it better than me. I like knowing that he is with us instead of work. I like knowing that if I need him for something, I can just say his name instead of calling him on the phone.

I am sure (at least I hope so) that the woman who responded by saying so that he could help out with the kids also feel this way, but what surprised me was that all the reasons I listed above were second. I definitely have my days that when my husband comes home there is a sigh of relief knowing that I can lock myself in the bathroom and there is someone else there to take care of the kids!

Does the reason you are glad your husband is home depend on the day you have had? Does it depend on how your relationship is with your husband? I am sure there are many variables as to which would come first…..but I am still surprised by their answers. I don’t know why that is either. Maybe it’s because of the relationship that I have with my husband….maybe it’s because of my own fears….who knows.

I do get all giddy like a school girl and have a smile on my face that won’t go away when I know he’s coming home, it’s time to go pick him up, or when I see he has pulled up! I love knowing that he is home with us! I feel more complete and less stressed when he is home (all around, not just because of the kids). I just enjoy my husbands company.


2 thoughts on “Excitement over him coming home!

  1. My hubby is gone for about 3-4 months at a time and then when he is home he is only home for a few weeks at a time. What do I enjoy the most about his coming home? The SEX — plain and simple LOL.

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