East Coasters

I am having writers block these last few days but I wanted to jump on here and make a serious post.

With this weekend coming up, most of you know about the hurricane that is threatening the east coast. No one ever knows what will actually happen or how bad it will really be. I pray that Irene calms herself down and just brings some wind and rain….nothing too bad. I pray that every single one of you that live in the east coast are safe! If this hurricane does get bad…..don’t hesistate to leave. Your things can be replaced…you cannot!

You all are in my prayers. Be safe. Let your friends & family know you are ok when you can. Text them. Don’t call. Calling will clog up the towers where as texting won’t do that. I love all my friends & family that are on the east coast! Be careful guys & I look forward to reading updates!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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