Quick update from yesterday

I wasn’t able to see the house yesterday because the guy had his crew of guys working on it & updating the home. He didn’t feel comfortable with us being there with all their equipment out. So he said we could come by tonight and look at it. He wants us to call first to make sure there is no danger. He also said that there was another family that stopped by to see it but they didn’t have any money. Mark gets paid every week. Please pray that the guy will work with us & we will get this place!

Also, Mark saw another home on his lunch break yesterday. It was 4 bedrooms and we were hoping that it would work…4 bedrooms would be awesome! When Mark came ‘home’ from work I asked him about it. He said the home was a crap hole and that the guy didn’t take care of it at all. So that is a no go!

I am getting really nervous and stressed because we have to be out of the hotel tomorrow because of an event that is being held here in town & all the hotel rooms have already been reserved for months. I am not sure if we will be able to get another hotel room in town! Please pray that something becomes available & that we won’t have to be out in the heat for the weekend!

Will update tonight after seeing the house!

Thanks for reading,
The Welker Clan


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