Could be it!

So most of you know from my status last night on my personal page that Mark went to go look at a house last night. We found the ad in the newspaper. Mark had called the man to try and set up an appointment for this weekend to take a look at the home. The man asked Mark if he wanted to take a look at it last night…..of course Mark said yes! So he left within 10 minutes of hanging up the phone. I was praying like crazy that this would be the one!

He was gone for about 2 hours. I prayed that meant him being gone so long was a very good sign. He came ‘home’ & I couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say! He was telling me about the guy (older gentlemen who has been renting out places since the 70s) and then he was telling me about the house.

It’s a tralier but it’s 18 feet long, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, and so much more! Mark said that there are other trailers on the street but this guy (I don’t want to use his real name) owns most of them. He rents out to mostly families so there are kids on the street, it’s a safe street, and near the elementary school. He said that the guy just bought it & has started to hook everything up. It has french doors for 2 of the bedrooms, he is replacing the flooring to make it better, all kitchen appliences, nice master bathroom, and enough room of us. He said there wasn’t much of a yard but with all the parks in the area, I am ok with that. Mark was saying that the wall color wasn’t the best….but I figured that’s what decorating is for! The guy will be replacing all the plumbing & will have his electrical guy out today to take a look at everything. I am super optimistic about this place!

I know it may not be the perfect place for people, but it may work for us and we don’t need a lot right now. All that matters is that we are happy,  healthy, and safe. And frankly, we don’t care if you like it or not….you aren’t living there!

When Mark gets off work tonight he is calling the guy back & telling him that I would like to see the place. The guy will be out of town for 11 days starting Friday. He also told Mark that if we wanted the place that he would get all his guys at the same time to go and work on the place & get it down faster. This guy not only cares about his properties, but he cares about the people in it. Him and Mark spent a lot of the time just talking and getting to know each other. I haven’t met him yet but from what Mark tells me about him, he is a great man. I cannot wait to meet him & see the place.

I am going to try and remember to take the camrea and then post an update either tonight or tomorrow (with pictures) about what I thought after I saw the place. Keep those prayers coming….they mean more than you know!

Thanks for reading,
The Welker Clan

2 thoughts on “Could be it!

  1. WOOHOO!!!! hope all goes well!!! trailers are awesome we started our lives together in a trailer, boy it was really bad no water no electric or heat but dave made it happen and we were together and really thats all that matters together as a family!!!! post pics!!!

  2. Oh man! That definitely sounds like a rough time! But the tough times bring us closer together! Thankfully, this trailer has central air & heat! I am so excited! I can't wait to see it tonight! I will definitely post pictures if I remember the camrea andor the batteries don't die on me 😉

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