Some catching up

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been posting anything in almost a month! This might be long, but I wanted to update you on everything that has been going on! Oh & will add pictures from the road trip to the FB page!

We have already been here for a month! I cannot believe it! It still seems so surreal to me that we are actually here. Not even a week after being here, Mark received a phone call telling that he had a job if he wanted it. This job was the one that he has been hoping for! It’s the one where Mark and the manager were on the phone for almost an hour back in Greenville. He was so blessed to get a job so quickly! He is really loving it there & has plenty of opportunities to advance & reach his goal for working in the automotive field. His work place is much more positive & structured than his last one. He says there are some pinheads….but doesn’t work place a few of those!? 😉 His boss just recently told him that he was impressed that Mark could turn so many hours in one week. He said that most new guys can’t turn that many hours so soon. I am just so glad that he is doing something that he loves, is recognized for it, and is in a much better environment. He comes ‘home’ in a much better mood than he used to. That’s a plus for everyone!

We have found a church that we absolutely love! We stumbled upon it just by Googling churches in the area. We checked out their website & it reminded us so much for the church that we loved in Greenville, that we had to check it out! So we decided to go during the week to check it out. Usually on Sundays after service, churches are too busy and everyone is wanting to go home. We felt welcomed the minute we walked in there. We were given a tour of the whole property. We went the next Sunday and have been going back ever since. The kids are really enjoying also! I am going to be serving the church once some other things are put into place. We have met some great staff members & cannot wait to be more involved!

We are still living in a hotel. But instead of moving from hotel to hotel every week, we have found one that is not only nice but the staff is so much more friendlier! We have looked at a few houses. Either they aren’t big enough or not in the greatest of neighborhoods. Mark has off tomorrow, so we will be making phone calls & setting up appointments to check out these homes that we have found. We really want to find a place ASAP! As much as we are thankful to have a roof over our heads…we are wanting to find a place to call home just as badly! School starts on Monday & the boys won’t be able to attend until we find a place so they can attend the school within the district. I am disappointed but I know there are steps that need to be taken before they can get into school.

Over all we are all doing good. Some days aren’t the best but we are trying to make it work. We are so thankful for everything & everyone that has been apart of this! We couldn’t have done it without you! I will update Monday after all the house hunting we are going to be doing this weekend! And don’t forget to check out the pictures that I will be posting on the FB page! Have a great weekend everyone!

Thanks for reading,
The Welker Clan


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