Not just for jelly


As we started our move to Texas almost a month ago we made a pit stop in Hickory NC to have some lunch. We didn’t want to stop and go into a restaurant because we were already behind schedule. We just stopped, fixed some PB & Js, and then headed out again.

There was one small problem……we didn’t have a knife.

Pulled into a gas station thinking that my husband would just get a plastic knife. Nope, he cam back with this knife that not only I had never seen but never heard of either! I just kept looking at this knife trying to figure out how this was any more special than a regular knife. I didn’t realize the awesomeness of the knife until I was getting the near the bottom of the jar. This knife is so great for getting the contents out of the jar!

But it’s not just for jelly and peanut butter! No way! This knife could be used for mayo jars, honey jars, bbq jars…..just about any jar that you can think of! Cleans up very easily & dries even quicker! It’s bendy (lack of a better word) so it will definitely take some strength to break this thing. I believe that every person should have this knife! And for the price, there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy one!

Stop by their website & check out all the other products they offer at great prices. You are sure to find something there that you need\want!

Will be hosting a giveaway VERY soon for this jelly knife! Just waiting for the package to get here!

*I bought this product & then contacted the company with how much I really liked their product. All opinions are my own & have no been compensated for said opinions.*


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