“You can’t have peanuts!”

Not too long ago my family & I went to a hamburger joint that offers all the peanuts you want for free. They have boxes of them all over the place and you just throw the shell on the floor. I think it’s a great atmosphere! All of my children are over the age of 1 so I thought that we were out of the woods with having a peanut allergy.

A few days later my youngest son had developed a rash around his mouth and on his butt. I wasn’t sure what caused it or why it was there. After trying to figure it out by myself & showing my husband…neither of us had an answer. I picked up the phone and called my step dad.

My step dad is my go-to guy when it comes to the health of my children. I call him before I call their peds office. My step dad owns a few peds offices in NOVA and will his life experience seems to know more than the people that actually went to school and got their PhD. I trust him more than any other person with questions about my children’s health.

Anyway, so my step dad was asking me if he had anything new, changed soaps…all those kind of questions. I had told him about the burger joint. My youngest has had peanut butter before but never a peanut in it’s raw form. After going back and forth with my step dad & his lead ped, we figured out that’s what it was. So no more peanuts in their raw form for him!

I had successfully kept him away from peanuts until the other day. I wasn’t aware that Coleman knew how to open a container of peanuts (it’s the kind of lid that you have to twist). I don’t know how many he ate but was definitely on the look out for a rash, which I was sure he would get. The very next day he definitely had a rash around his mouth, but it wasn’t as red or as big as the first rash and no rash on his butt. This rash didn’t last as long either. Maybe his allergy is leaving & in the future he can eat peanuts in their raw form. Just an FYI, he is not allergic to them to the point that I need an epipen or anything like that. Everything is fine & everything is back to normal….wonder how long it will be until he won’t get a rash anymore!?


2 thoughts on ““You can’t have peanuts!”

  1. Sounds like his body is learning how to adjust to the peanuts. That’s a good thing because peanuts are everywhere! Glad it wasn’t a serious peanut allergy; those are so scary.

    • That’s what I am thinking too! He loves peanut butter, so I am thankful that he can still eat that without any issues!

      I am so thankful that it wasn’t serious. I know a peanut allergy isn’t something to mess around with….especially when it could be life threatening!

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