Lesson learned…..hopefully

If you have a daughter or are a daughter…..I am sure that at one point or another this has happened to you. If not…lucky you! Whichever case applies to you, read on anyway….you might find this story funny!

My daughter (3 1\2) has seen my shave my legs before, I don’t always do it when I am showering. (Can you guess where this is going?!) I usually put my razor high up enough so that the kids can’t get it to. But on occassion….I forget.

On this day, my daughter said she had to go to the bathroom. Ok, no big deal….she doesn’t need to be watched anymore. I was cleaning up the hotel room. By the time I was finished cleaning up I noticed that she was still in the bathroom….longer than usual. She usually sits on the toilet and sings, apparently it’s her own personal stage! I open the door and expect to see her sitting there in her own little world. NOPE, not this time! I catch her in the tub, pant legs rolled up, and ‘shaving’ her legs. I was more worried about her cutting herself than mad about what she was doing. After I had told her not to do that anymore & that she was too young to be doing this….that’s when she started to complain about her legs hurting. Knowing my daughter like I do, if I hadn’t said anything to her she would have been fine, but since I did all of the sudden she needed a band-aid. She wasn’t bleeding and definitely didn’t need a band-aid but she sure did have razor burn and a few cuts.

I hope that she learned her lesson here & doesn’t try to do something like this again until she is old enough…..I am thinking *maybe* middle school. But knowing kids will be kids and they are curious about everything….this may not be the last time I find her ‘shaving’ her legs!


One thought on “Lesson learned…..hopefully

  1. Oh I was forbidden to ever go near any of my mothers things, so I ended up being one of the fortunate ones. But sadly I also matured early, so I had to start shaving at the age of 10 because I started to get picked on at school.
    I’m glad to hear the lesson was learned with no huge boo boos.
    -militarymommiesventures (Ms. W)

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