Have you heard of this site yet!?
I didn’t either until a good friend of mine made a status on FB saying that she was addicted to it. I asked her what it was & her response was that I would be addicted too! Well with her saying that I had to find out what this site was all about!

When you go to the site & want to sign up…you have to sign up for a request. It takes less than 30 minutes for you to receive an email back from them. So as I am trying to figure out what this site is I can see that I can ‘follow’ my friends from FB. I look at what they have in their boards. So being the nosy person that I am….I look.

You don’t post anything with words. You look for whatever your interest is, repin it, add it to one of your boards, like it, share it…whatever! I have found so many craft ideas! Searching on pinterest has made the spark of the crafty me blow up! I cannot wait to get a place and start some of these crafts.

But don’t worry…there is waaay more to find on pinterest then just crafts! If you can think it up I bet pinterest has it! The only thing I don’t know yet about is how to add pictures to pinterest. But I am sure that I will figure that part out as I mess around some more. You could spend hours on this site! Some many topics and ideas!

So if you haven’t had the chance to check out pinterest…you definitely should! I highly doubt you will be disappointed! Thank you BD for introducing me to this site!


2 thoughts on “Pinterest

  1. I just requested an invite, and it told me to look at some of the pinboards while I wait, and the first thing that came up was planning a wedding, which is exactly what I am doing! Thanks for the link!!!

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