I don’t envy you

I took the kids to breakfast yesterday morning at the hotel. We were running behind and the kitchen was going to be closing & I wanted to get them something to eat. The kids were a little wired….nothing really new for me.

So anyway, I am having the kids sit down & I will bring their food and drink to them. That was making it easier on me to not bring them with me to the buffet area. I was walking away from the table when a man looked at me, smiled, and said ‘I don’t envy you at all’. Oh good cause I was wondering your thoughts on me having 4 children. Before and after saying this to me he was staring at us like we were some kind of freak show. I wanted to say something to him but was more worried about my eating then entertaining this man and him not being envious of me.

I realize that having 4 children isn’t the most popular thing today nor do the majority of couples have 4 children. But is it necessary to stare at my family and I like we are running around naked? Also I honestly don’t care if you envy me or not….this isn’t your life…it’s mine.

Next time you feel the need to act\treat\day these things (or something similar) to a mother\father\parent…..THINK! It doesn’t have to be about having a larger family – it can be about having all girls, all boys, twins, special needs kids, or anything else. Think before you open your mouth. We are aware that our life maybe harder then yours because of any of the above examples given (and many others). We didn’t ask you for your opinion about our life or if you envy it or not. I am so fed up with people telling me this or asking me ‘Are they all yours?’. I can’t guarantee that I will be so nice to you and just smile when you make a comment like that.

THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK! I don’t care what you think of me and my 4 kids, if you envy me or not, or if you are wondering how many daddies there are. NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Shut your mouth and treat us like you would anyone else. We aren’t freaks….we are mothers with our children trying to do the best that we can!


4 thoughts on “I don’t envy you

  1. I get this all the time because I have 8 children under the age of 13 – my oldest says people look at us as though we are a freak show. I don’t envy him at all b/c he seriously hasn’t a clue about what family is about:)

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