Death by hair washing…..

{dun dun dun}

I am not sure what the deal is with my daughter anymore but now she is terrified of getting her hair washed in the tub. She was like this about 2 years ago and then got used to it and everything was fine. Now we are back to square one!

This afternoon for example:
She knows that I use a cup to get her hair wet. I let her know what I am doing, tell her to put her head back, and the to close her eyes. Today she threw a fit, moved all around the tub, and ended up making a pool on the floor! I try to be calm with her and let her know it’s alright and that I won’t let anything happen to her… patience doesn’t last long though when it comes to this. Nothing has ever happened to her while she was in the tub. I don’t know what to do about it anymore. She screams bloody murder, cries, and makes a big production every time!

If anyone has any suggestions or anything….that would be wonderful!


3 thoughts on “Death by hair washing…..

  1. We eventually got over this ordeal with my own little daughter at the age of 5…(she is 8 now )…solution….no more cups..we let her do it herself…by lying back in the water herself and letting her put on the shampoo…any thing was better than the screams that came from my bathroom..i dreaded hair wash night….good luck..if this fails threaten to shave her head…only joking..i know what a nightmare this is…Eliza Keating

      • My oldest did this too! With her it was here and there-sometimes she was fine, other times I’m sure neighbors and passerby wondered just what on earth was going on in our house. I agree with Eliza. Our solution was to let her wash her own hair. The screaming fits stopped and she eventually got over her hair washing phobia 🙂

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