Alittle added something!

I have been wanting to have craft time with my kids for awhile now but it’s been so crazy and without a place (and money to spare) it hasn’t happened yet.

The ideas for crafts have been whirling around in my head & I cannot wait until we get a place so that I can actually make these crafts with my kids. I also wanted to share with you all the crafts that we do & get ideas from you all! That blog will be nothing but crafts! I didn’t want to overload this blog by posting our crafts here, so I figured I would just make another blog! And to go along with the added blog is a FB fan page!

I hope that you will join us over on the craft blog, take some ideas, and share some ideas! The more the merrier! I will try to have a craft up at least once a week! Again, hope you join me over there & that we can spark some ideas with each other!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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