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A mothers loss

Before I talk about this mother’s story, I would like to say something.
I do not have any people close to me (or not so close) that have lost a child. I have friends who have had a miscarriage before, but never lost a child after they were born. My heart breaks so much to hear when this happens. The details of something like this doesn’t matter to me….what matters to me is that a mother has lost a child, I don’t think there could be anything worse than that. I don’t know this woman I am about to write about. A very close friend of mine is friends with her. I don’t have to know this woman personally. My heart breaks for this mother who lost her child. To this mother: I am so sorry that this has happened to you & your family. You are in my prayers. I can’t imagine what you are going through. I know that nothing I (or anyone else can say) can make your pain go away….just know that there are people out that care about you who have never met you. We love you & if you ever need anything, just ask!

My very close friend, J, came to me the other day asking if I could help out with making a donation to help this mother out after loosing her daughter. I am not in a financial position to help out, but I knew I could do one thing to help. So this is my way of helping out. I pray that it works and that we can all help this mother out. Whether it be money or just spreading the word. So please, just read this post & if it is on your heart to give something, please do so. I know that the money donated will go to this mother & help her out.

I don’t know much about this mother that J came to me about. I asked her to give me some details…I didn’t get very many, but I also think that is because she doesn’t want to ask the mother these questions right after losing her daughter. Which is completely understandable. So I will give you the information I have & will update once it is told to me. This is the information I was given told to me by J:

“It was her oldest first born child who dies at 16 of a disease she was born
with, she found her dead in her bed sunday morning! the mother took care of her
day in and day out trying to provide her the best health care possible, she had
to do everything for her daughter and never complained. her father ditched her a long time ago and had nothing to do with her. She has 4 other children.”

This is what I know as of right now. Like I said, I will update as I get the information.
There is a paypal account set up to accept donations for this mother & her children. If you would like to donate, please send donations to on the paypal website. It’s a safe way to donate, it’s free to sign up for an account, and you can track where it goes. I pray that many of you will donate and\or spread the word so we can help this mother! Thank you all for reading this.

If you have questions about anything, please feel free to email me at

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