My first….

Bad review ever! I have never planned on writing a bad one, but I cannot keep this one to myself.

We have been staying a many hotels on our move from NC to TX. Some are more luxurious than others, but all have been great! Not one compliant about any of them….until we arrived at the current one we are staying in.

When you first walk into this hotel your first impression is wow, this is a great up scale hotel! I didn’t really notice anything until later on our first day\night here. We spent hours at the hotel the first night & when we were finished swimming and wanted to dry off we went to get a few pool towels….they weren’t any ready. I went to the front desk to ask for some & they said the towels were drying. Ok, not a problem, we can wait alittle bit. A few hours later there were still no pool towels. We didn’t want to wait anymore, so we just went upstairs. My 2 oldest boys were getting ready for the shower & I was getting their pjs and towels ready. Come to find out there were no room towels at all in the room! Called the front desk to have some brought up to us & it took at least 45 minutes to get 2 towels! In the room my husband, me, and our 2 youngest are staying in there were also no room towels or wash clothes. One of the beds didn’t have a bottom skirt on it (2 beds in the room). The next day we went back to the pool so the kids could burn some energy. Went to the bathroom (in the pool area) and noticed that the same trash was sitting there from the night before….they hadn’t cleaned the bathrooms! Fire ants were all on one side (I have a child who is highly allergic to them). Went and told the front desk. About 10 minutes later someone from housekeeping came in, sprayed something, said their maintenance people weren’t here today, and if worst comes to worst just have him wear shoes….really?! Like shoes will keep away fire ants. I went over to the side of the pool to tell my husband something and noticed that it looked like pieces were coming off the pool. My husband dived down and brought up pieces of the bottom of the pool! And there is no fridge or microwave in the rooms.

All in all I am completely disappointed in this hotel! I am going to complain to management about this but will do so at the end of our stay here. In doing this I am not trying to be mean or a high maintain guest….just wanting to make them aware of the conditions of their hotel. Not sure if it will make a difference in the way they run this place or not….but at least I know that I did my part and said something. After I speak with someone & depending on how they handle it…..I will then make the choice to say which hotel & the location. That is something that is still up in the air right now.


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