Ideas, ideas, ideas!

The first week we were in Wichita Falls we were driving around and looking at all the apts they had to offer, getting tours of the complexes, and taking a look at the apts to see if they would be a good match for us.  One day we were really hot but didn’t want to go back to the hotel room, so we decided to go into Walmart and take a look around. I don’t know if it’s because it was newer or what, but all 3 of the Walmarts that are here in WF (compared to the 1 on Greenville) offer so much more! I am a big fan of Walmart to begin with but the amount they offer at these Walmarts are awesome! Better & bigger selection!

Anyway, we were walking around and we came across the craft isles. I love the idea of being crafty but never get around to do any of my ideas. This time around I vow to be different! I got a few ideas from looking around the craft isles & hope to get more the next time we go.

I am waiting to do the crafts until we have a place & I can figure out where to put the finished crafts. I cannot wait until we get our place so the kids and I can work on these crafts! I am just so excited!

Here are a few ideas that I have come up with already:
*I found wooden letters in Walmart…not too big & not too small. I am going to get one for each child (their first initial) and have them paint it however they want. After they dry I will hang them in their rooms, wherever they want.

*In the same aisle that I found the wooden letters, I found wooden cars, boats, planes, and trucks. I want to get a shelf for this but have the boys paint one of these (each) and then they can either play with them or have them a shelf for display.

*And for the princess in the house, I found an isle where you can decorate your own shirts, aprons, bags, almost anything. Since the princess loves bags (just like her mother) I thought her and I could decorates bags with lettering, puff paint, and anything else we could find.

*Another idea that came to me was when we were randomly walking down an isle and I saw stickers. My kids love stickers and, unfortunately, love to put them on the wall. Right after I saw the stickers I looked to my left and saw dry erase boards. I thought I would buy each of them a board & a few packs of stickers. That way they can post their stickers out in the open but they aren’t on the wall either.

*Also found chalkboard paint which I will find a use for! Can’t wait to make something with that!

That’s all I can remember right now. I am going to stop in Walmart and some craft stores in the area & see what else I can think of! I will post blogs with pictures when we finally get to do all this!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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