House hunting

We have been looking for an apartment since we arrived in WF. We have talked about it & as much as we would love to have a house and a yard & all that comes with having a house…..we just don’t want to deal with all that right now. So for 6 months to a year we want to be in an apartment where the maintenance falls on someone else’s shoulders. We want to get on our feet & we don’t think having a house will allow us to do that.

We have looked at all the apt complexes that have 3 bedrooms in the WF area & have only liked one of them. It has a lot to offer (pool, playground, fitness center, free after school care, and more!). It’s right next to an apt complex that has a bad reputation, but people we have talked to and tell them which apts we are talking about say that it’s really nice & would be a great choice. It’s a gated apt complex so that extra security is nice.

I was talking to one person and she said that the school district where these apts are….aren’t that great. I will have to do my own research for that part. I am not sure where to find out that information, but I will look around and also talk to some of the people that we have met already.

We are really hoping and praying that we get this apt! We really like it there, it’s big enough, and it’s within our price range. Hopefully Next Friday we can put in our application along with the fee! She said it could take up to a week to hear back…but praying that we get it and then we can move in!

Wherever we move, I will let you all know & post pictures!


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