When we started  talking about moving to TX, my husband wanted to go camping for awhile since we didn’t have a place lined up to live. I was for it thinking how bad could it really be!? I had never been camping before so this was a first for me…and I was honestly looking forward to us camping!

We had been told by many people that it was very hot down here but knew that the humidity wasn’t anywhere near what it was in NC. So I wasn’t sure what to expect when we finally got down here. Now don’t get me wrong it is hot down here but with little to no humidity, it doesn’t feel has hot as it did in NC where the temp was lower than here in TX.

Anyway…back to my camping story.

We got a 3 room tent…huge…definitely enough room for the 6 of us! We planned on staying at Lake Arrowhead State Park for a few nights. It was so beautiful there & offered more things than we thought. During the day isn’t that bad heat wise. They have a lake that you can swim in, you can go fishing on the pier (the breeze makes the heat bearable), go boating, and much more!
It was during the night that wasn’t the best. My husband loves camping and doesn’t have a problem with the heat. When he was younger he was a boy scout & would camp out for 3 months in a row during the summer.
We weren’t prepared as far as things to sleep on….so it was the ground for us. I didn’t get much sleep because I kept waking up from my body hurting. It was still 90 some degrees outside even at midnight, so I would wake up from sweating. It was a rough few nights.

I would definitely love to go camping again…..but with better sleeping arrangements. My husband and I are planning on getting cots or air mattresses for the next time we camp out. All in all, it wasn’t a bad camping trip. We all had fun &  we are looking forward to the next camping trip!

Here are some pictures from our camp out!

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