Our road trip

Wow, this road trip to TX was definitely an adventure! Some may hear our story and say that we had bad luck….I look at our story and say we re-learned to trust in God & be thankful.

Monday July 18, 2011- This is the big day….we were starting out on the road to our new home town! We were super excited & nothing was going to stop us! We left W’s house around noon & were driving down the highway, jamming to music, and calculating when we would arrive in Memphis for the night. I looked out the side mirror and saw smoke coming from the tail pipe. (At this point we are only 45 mins into our trip) Now mind you, Mark tested everything & made sure that everything was working correctly just a few days before we left. Everything was working fine- no leaks, nothing was falling apart, and everything was working correctly. So we pull over, look under the hood & under the truck. Mark starts to pour some transmission oil in because he said that it was just pouring out though he couldn’t figure out why. As he was pouring the oil in, some spilled out. Because under the hood was so hot (from driving)…it caught on fire!!! Not even joking! Mark had Powerade in his hand, so he poured that on there (then it smelled like cotton candy), and then he grabed a washcloth to try and put out the rest (which worked)! At this point we need to get to the closest auto parts store or an auto repair place. Wilson was the closest city & boy did it feel like forever to get there. We had to drive slowly because that’s all the truck would give us. We didn’t know exactly what was wrong at this point but knowing that we could only go about 20-30 mph, the outcome couldn’t have been all that great. We ended up finding Colony Tire in Wilson. Let me just say that the staff there is so friendly & helpful! After Mark & a guy from CT talked about what was wrong with the truck and how long it would take his guys to fix it, Mark wanted to talk to his old employer to see if they could get it fixed faster & cheaper. It took hours to get answers from people but CT allowed us to stay there, eat lunch, and just hang out until everything was worked out. CT towed the truck to PT for free! That was very nice of them! Mark got us a hotel for the night & W came and took us to it. Wasn’t much we could do at this point because it was close to 7pm. We had some dinner & called it a night.

Tuesday July 19, 2011- I woke up disappointed because I knew we should have been waking up in Memphis. There wasn’t anything I could do about that, so I just went about my day. Mark headed over to PT that morning to work on the truck & he was gone most of the day. After buying a new (used) transmission, putting it in, test driving, and making sure everything was working with that….we knew we could leave the next morning. So that night we had some dinner & just played in the pool. {Insert parents coming to the resuce}

Wednesday July 20, 2011- Woke up, had breakfast, & hit the open road…..for the second time! I know that you might wondering how the kids where doing through all this. Well they were holding up just fine. Playing in the pool & watching some TV…what more could a kid want?! So anyway, as we took off for the second time, I kept watching the clock to see if we would make it longer than 45 mins into the trip before something happened. Happy to report we made it all the way to Hickory NC before stopping for some lunch and stocking up on some food items. We made it all the way to Memphis on this leg of the trip. We arrived at the hotel at about 4am & all crashed once our heads hit the pillows!

Thursday July 21, 2011- Woke up after only a few hours of sleep, ate some breakfast, packed everything up, and started on the road again. We had planned to see some family & an old friend but none of that worked out. (Planning a trip up there soon to see them!) Our goal on this day was to make it to Wichita Falls late tonight & get things going in the morning. Things were going smoothly & we decided to stop at a gas station outside of Little Rock AR to fill up & take a potty break for everyone. After doing all of that & getting everyone something to eat and drink, Mark started the truck….or should I say tried to start the truck. We tried a few times but nothing. Couldn’t figure out why this was happening. Mark ended up calling one of his old co-workers to help him figure out what was going wrong. After 3 hours trying to figure out what was wrong & 3 hours to fix it……we were on the road again. By this time it was about 8.30pm central time. About an hour into us being on the road again something else happened. There was a truck ahead of us that was carrying bikes but didn’t have them secured down at all. Since it was dark outside Mark didn’t see what was going on until it was too late. 6 bikes came flying off this mans truck and we ended up running over it and getting a flat tire. I was so angry at this man! He stopped to pick up the bikes that flew out but did not stop to see if anyone was hurt or if there was damage caused by him not doing the proper thing to begin with!!! I called 911 & asked for someone to come out so we could (or should I say Mark) change the tire out safely. 2 officers & a voluntary firefighter come out to help direct traffic & make sure traffic moves over to the right lane. Mark is exhausted at this point from spending 6 hours figuring out & fixing the truck from earlier this day. We get the full spare on the truck & head to the closest gas station to make sure there is enough air in the tire. We get there & the air pump is broken…..and the tire is too flat to drive more. A trucker that was coming out of the gas station, stopped and asked if we needed anything, we told him we needed air in our tire & he told us that he could fill it up from his truck. By this time I told Mark that we should probably call it a night since there had been so much going on & before something else would happen. We stopped in Texarkana and stayed the night.

Friday July 22, 2011- Wake up, breafast, hit the road again. We were determined to make it to Wichita Falls before the sun set. From Texarkana we were about 4 or 5 hours away…we started driving about 10am central time, so we figured we would get into WF with plently of time to stop by and see Rick (guy interested in hiring Mark) and try and squeeze in a few apt showings. About 50 miles outside of WF our spare tire blew! Seconds after us pulling over, a man pulls up next to us & asks if we needed help, told him what happened, he asked if we saw that white building straight ahead, told us that was his shop, and to meet us there. So we drove the 2 seconds to his shop & he takes Mark a few miles up the road so he can purchase a new tire. The kids and I hang out in his house which had a bear skin rug….talk about repeating yourself for an hour about how it wasn’t alive & you could touch it! We finally make it to Wichita Falls around 4 something in the evening, central time.

This was just the road trip part….this isn’t any part of us being here yet! Yes, we had a lot of things go wrong on this trip but on the other hand, there was someone there helping us out along the way. I couldn’t be more thankful for the people that God placed in our path along this trip! If it wasn’t for Him…we would still be in NC.


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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