Don’t be afraid….I am not closing down the blog or anything like that ;p

I won’t be around much after Friday….family is coming into town this weekend & Monday starts us driving to TX!!!!!!!! I don’t know when I will have internet (except most likely at the hotel) & I can’t get onto the blog from my phone. And after we get to Texas I am not sure how long it will be until we can find a place to live and\or internet. Sucks but it’s apart of what we are doing :\

I started a blog  & fan page to document our move before, during, and after we get to TX! I will post the links at the bottom of this post. I most likely won’t be able to post much on the blog (for the reasons I won’t be able to post on this blog) but I will be able to update the fan page. I will also do my best to upload some videos to my Youtube channel.

I hope that you all will join us on this new & exciting chapter in our lives! I can’t promise that it will be anything exciting, but I can promise that it will be fun for us! Hope to see you there!!!

PS- I will make a post once we are set up with internet & I know that it is a secure connection. Will miss you all while I am gone, but at least it’s not forever 🙂

Fan page……………. Blog………………….. Youtube Channel

I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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