Date Night

This past Saturday night was our first day night in at least 5 years! So a HUGE thanks goes out to Whitney for watching the kids so we could have this time together!!!

We didn’t do anything fancy or over the top. We went into downtown Greenville to a pizza joint where Mark had a few beers & I had a few sweet teas. It was weird at first because we didn’t say much, just kinda watched the TVs that were at the bar. I told him I was glad this wasn’t a first date because it wasn’t going well, haha! But then we started talking & checking out all the people waiting to go into the clubs, wondering if we looked that silly when we were doing that, commenting on clothes, and just making small talk. Then we headed over to one of our favorite places, Omar’s! Mark played soccer with Omar (the owner) & this is how we found out about this place. He makes the best gyros I have ever had! We is only open 3 days out of the week, opens at 10pm & closes when all the food is gone, and that’s it. But it is go incredibly good! He doesn’t have a FB page nor is he listed in the phone book….all his advertising is word of mouth! Anyway, so we ate there & by the time we were finished it was close to 1am. So with our full (and happy) bellies we started the walk home. (Downtown isn’t far from where we are living right now) We got back home & Whitney had locked the door – no big deal I brought the house key with us. Well it took us about 15 minutes to finally unlock the door….good thing it finally did because we were ready to knock on the door, but didn’t want to because it was so late! Anyway, it was a great night!

Us on our date night ❤

Mark eating the best gyros ever!

So thankful that we were able to have this date before we move! You don’t have to get all dressed up, go to a fancy restaurant, and spend tons of money just to have a great night out with your husband. We didn’t do much and spent no more than $20 for our date night. It was the best $20 bucks we have spent in a long time! Good conversation & spending quality time with my husband is priceless & I loved every minute of it! Can’t wait to do it again….but hopefully it’s sooner than 5 years!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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