Ideas are flowing!

There are some changes going on at the blog as well as the logo for MommieVentures, some of the sister site logos have changed as well. There is only one reason for all of this….my brain is in over drive! The ideas are just flowing in my mind! Some I can do myself & others have been through the help of friends and family.

I am not sure if I am finished yet….only time will tell ūüėČ

Also something that will change in the future is the web address. Once we are all moved, settled, and figured out our income & expenses….I am planning on buying a .com for MommieVentures! I am super excited about this! I haven’t made the final¬†decision¬†on whether I will buy it from WordPress¬†or somewhere else. The main thing that I am looking at is for all of my past posts to transfer over. I would hate to loose¬†of that by going with someone else. I will worry about those details once I am in a better position.

If you all have any ideas or suggestion on anything that you see…..please feel free to comment here or email me ( I am hope to any\all suggestions that you all may have! After all, this just isn’t just for me….it’s for you the readers as well!


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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