It finally fell off!

A weeks ago at one of my husbands last soccer games my oldest son was coming out of the bathroom and scraped the bottom of the door on his big toe…it looked nasty! After inspecting it and the way it looked that the nail would eventually fall off. We were explaining this to Mark so he wouldn’t mess with it & so that he knew what was going to happen.

Almost everyday he would ask “Is it going to fall off tomorrow?” We told him the same answer everyday, “No one knows when it will fall off. It could a few days or a few weeks, just depends on how quickly your body heals.” As the days went on you could see that the nail was slowly dying and pulling away from his toe. And, of course, we would make sure that it was kept clean & that he was careful so it wouldn’t rip off.

Fast forward to yesterday. We were at the hotel that my Dad and step mother were staying in while they were in town visiting us, just hanging out & spending time with them. I forget why I was the last one in the room but for whatever reason, I was. So as I am walking into the hotel room Mark says to me “Look Mommie, it fell off!” At first I didn’t know what he was talking about….then it dawned on me…his nail. He was super excited about it! I wasn’t aware that a nail falling off was so cool & exciting…..but that could also because I am a female and not a child anymore 😉 He had placed it on the dresser in the hotel room and said that he wanted to keep it. Now let me just tell you something. I am all for keeping teeth (for awhile) and things like that…..but NOT a toe nail! I mean, I have to draw the line somewhere right!? I told him we weren’t keeping it and that their was no reason why we needed to keep it. He finally said ok even though he wasn’t happy about it.

Anyway, the nail has fallen off & now we are waiting for the new nail to grow in. I am just hoping I don’t hear this everyday: “Is it going to grow in tomorrow?”


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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