A scary moment

My dad and step mother were in town this weekend & wanted to stay in a hotel with an indoor pool so regardless of the weather outside, the kids would be able to play in the pool.

My kids have played in a pool before and loved it! My two oldest have been in a pool that was deeper than they are tall (does that make sense?) My two youngest have only been in a kiddie pool. With 3 adults to 2 kids (wasn’t worried about my oldest & Dom couldn’t get it because of his cast) I figured we had it covered. I didn’t go in the pool because #1- I don’t have a bathing suit & #2- I don’t want to see myself in a bathing suit haha! So I was playing photographer while the grandparents could play with their grandkids.

At one point during pool time my step mom noticed that one of her earrings fell off. Mark (my son), grandpa, and grandma were in the pool at this time & me, Dom, Bailea, and Coleman started walking around the pool to see if we could see it by looking into the water. As I was walking I noticed that the tops to the traps weren’t secured down so I lifted the lid to look in them. As I was finished with the last one, I turned around to get the camera again & watch the kids, and then I saw something that scared me like no other!

I turned around and saw a the top of one of my children’s head bobbing in the water. My first thought was “Oh Mark must have jumped in and is playing around.” and then I realized it wasn’t Mark…..it was Coleman (who is currently 2). I sort of froze or I would have jumped in and got him myself but the only thing that my body could seem to do was tell my step mom to grab him. I was so scared that when she pulled him up that he would be coughing or not breathing or something terrible. My nerves are shot at this point and I am shaking. Once she pulled Coleman out, we sat him on the concrete, and checked him out. He didn’t seem phased by it at all….there was no coughing, there was no water coming out of his mouth, and he was breathing just fine. As my Dad and I were talking about it (once my nerves calmed down), he was telling me that Coleman must have been holding his breath the whole time because he wasn’t coughing. (Now I have seen what one of my children look\act like after they have fallen in without knowing how to swim. Dom slipped one time and fell in the pool) I would have to agree with my Dad on that one. Because if you think about it every time you see someone come out of the water that has taken water into their lungs, they are coughing. Coleman was not.

Rest assure that I watched him like a hawk the rest of the day of the pool….I didn’t leave his side unless another adult was touching him. It was very scary and a picture that will never leave my mind. Yes he is ok. Yes it could have been prevented. And yes, it could have been much worse. But it wasn’t and I am not going to dwell on what could have been.

I just have to thank the good Lord for watching over my Coleman and making sure that he was safe. To MB for reacting so quickly and getting him out of the water.


One thought on “A scary moment

  1. Dear Trel & Family;
    Sagga of a Sovtah
    Gee. How that makes me feel inside. I have taught swimming for ten years. I can do nothing to teach the children of my children. How I long for work that would give me that gift to bestow upon all of you. It was what I hated about day care. I was being paid to raise & manage everyone else’s children but my own. Now I can’t even earn the money to be with my children’s children. Will this economy issue ever end? Will I ever get the opportunity to give what I have to my family?
    At least we can be together on the internet. Let us enjoy virtual pizza? On Saturday or Sunday evenings? Or Wednesday? It is all I have.

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