Broken Elbow

Dom (my 5 year old) was dancing in their living room one day while watching TV. I was in the kitchen talking to W about how our days went. The next thing I know Dom came into the kitchen to tell me he couldn’t move his arm. I didn’t freak out or anything because he will say that when he hurts himself and it’s not because he can’t move his arm, it’s because he doesn’t want to because it hurts. So I told him to go sit down and relax for alittle bit and I would check out his arm in a minute. I came in to check on him and have him move his fingers and arm (we do this every time he says he can’t move it)….but this time was different. He would cry and scream when I tried to move it and when I asked him to pick up his arm, he couldn’t. My husband would have been leaving work soon but I wanted to call him to let him know what happened. He said he would be leaving within the next few minutes.

When my husband got home from work he was checking Dom out and said that he needed to take him to the ER. My husband said that from the way he was acting and how little he could move his arm, that he needed to be seen. So they left about 8pm and said he would call when they knew something. Now usually our ER isn’t that busy and we get seen pretty quickly….not this time. After two hours of being there he called and said they had just had x-rays done and were waiting to be seen. I didn’t hear anything from them after that until they got home (after 1am). I was half asleep when they came home and could only remember bits and pieces the next morning. I got all my details straight the next morning though 🙂

There was so much swelling that the drs couldn’t tell if it was just a fracture or a brake but told us to treat it like a brake. He has a half cast on & his arm is wrapped up in ace bandage. Everyone has signed it & he thinks that it just the coolest thing ever! He hasn’t really been complaining about it, just every now and then, but it’s mostly because he is done having his arm wrapped up. He hardly complains about pain, which is good, because there isn’t much I can about that part. He has a follow up appointment on Tuesday with an orthopedic.

This is definitely a first for me! I have never had a broken bone & when my brother broke his elbow, I was already moved out of the house. But I figure with having 4 kids (3 being boys) we are doing pretty good with only having one broken bone! He is a tough guy & I know he will do just fine! I will upload a picture on my fan page once W gets home from work today!


One thought on “Broken Elbow

  1. Poor baby! I know how he feels. I’m 32 and I’ve had 26 broken bones & fractures (yep I typed that right!). Tell him I used to draw cartoons on my casts 🙂 The best was Genie from Aladdin!

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