My own ‘Sister Wives’

If you haven’t seen the TV show on TLC called ‘Sister Wives’, then click this link and check it out & then come back here and read my blog.

Ok, now that you have either watched a few clips or already know what the show is all about….here is my ‘Sister Wife’ story.

As most of you know (or even if you don’t) me and my family are moving to TX from NC. We are out of our house that we were living but aren’t leaving NC until the middle of July. One of my husbands co workers had asked if we wanted to stay with them (him, his wife, and their 15 month old boy) and we wanted to make sure that they were ready to have 6 extra people in their house. So anyway, we excepted their invite and have been here since Friday evening. So here is the story…

Friday evening the 6 of us were very tired from two straight days of moving and cleaning out our house. So W (the wife) decided that she was going to give her son (B) a bath and asked if I minded if she put Coleman in with him, and no I didn’t mind. Well Coleman wasn’t having any of that! (New place and she wasn’t mommie kinda thing). So she gave B a bath and then Bailea wanted on so she went ahead and did Baileas bath. After we had gotten all 5 kids to bed and we were sitting on the couch W mentioned that she wondered if this what it feels like to be a sister wife. I started laughing so hard! I thought it was so funny & didn’t even think of that until she said something!

But in all honestly, it is kinda like that and the only difference is that my husband isn’t married to her and there is another adult male around. We all are helping out with each others kids and all doing housework here and there. I have liked the thought of having a sister wife around the house (minus the part where your husband is married to her) and now it’s like I get to experience that part. So far everything is working out great! And love the fact that there are more adults which equals more eyes to watch the children.

So far, again, everything is working out great & I hope it continues that way. I am so thankful for J & W and them opening up their home to us. I am not sure that I could have done the same thing if I were in their shoes. Thank you again to J, W, & B for allowing us to stay with you and invade your home 😉


I look forward to your comments & try to reply to every single one of them :)

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